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"Do You Want To Maintain A Beautiful Pristine Reef Environment Successfully, While Maintaining Proper Conditions For The Health of Your Tropical Fish, Invertebrates and Corals?"

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of "Reef Keeping Basics - Successful Reef Management" . . .

"I can recommend this book without reser-vation to anyone who is interested in this fascinating hobby. I am inspired to build a new Reef tank, using all of the knowledge that I have gained from this book and confident of success!"

"Just imagine that you are about to embark on a difficult undertaking and that you want to get expert advice from people who have done what you plan to do, with a proven record of success. Then imagine that you can get several of these people together and ask them a series of questions so that you can compare their responses in order to allow you to decide on the exact course of action that you will take. You would come away from the experience with a wealth of knowledge and with the confidence that you would be able to avoid the mistakes that others have made.

That is how I feel after reading 'Reef Keeping Basics', an eBook that is distinctly different from anything that I have ever experienced.

The concept, as outlined above is absolutely brilliant. What is so different about this book is that it does not try to convince the reader that one particular method is the "correct" one. Rather, it allows the reader to compare the responses to a series of questions from fourteen (!) individuals and then come to a unique conclusion, one that is "right" for them. The book is well thought out and every important topic is covered in detail.

The spectacularly beautiful photographs prove beyond any doubt that the aquarists who are providing the information know what they are talking about.

As a Mac user, when I first received the notice for this book I was disappointed to see that it was for a Windows only platform. The concept of this book moved me to install Virtual PC on my G4 Powerbook and I am happy to report that this book works flawlessly. Now that the new Intel-based Macs that can run Windows natively, having a Mac should no longer be a problem.

I can recommend this book without reservation to anyone who is interested in this fascinating hobby. I am inspired to build a new Reef tank, using all of the knowledge that I have gained from this book and confident of success!"

Jim Macho, MD
Chief of Surgery
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
San Francisco
& Reef Keeper

". . .besides being one of most visually stunning books on salt water aquariums
I have ever seen, is a must have for any serious aquarist."

"Eric's book, besides being one of most visually stunning books on salt water aquariums I have ever seen, is a must have for any serious aquarist. The articles are fascinating, there is so much useful information here that I find myself constantly reading it over and over again. There is always something new to learn, or anew new idea. But those pictures, wow!"

Paul Joseph
Port Washington, New York


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Reef Keeping Basics
Successful Reef Management

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Having said all of that, I'm confident that you'll be absolutely thrilled by what is in store for you as you begin reading this book and as a result put into action some of the information, advice and tips that you will not ask me for a refund.

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