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Do You Want To Maintain A Beautiful Pristine Reef Environment Successfully, While Maintaining Proper Conditions For The Health of Your Tropical Fish, Invertebrates and Corals?

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I've managed to convince 14 Successful Reef Keeping Hobbyists to reveal their 'secrets' of success! Discover for yourself a unique manual never seen on any bookshelf  ===>>> Yet!  

"A Revealing Look Into The Minds of 14
Dedicated Reef Keeping Hobbyists With A Combined Total of 110 Years Experience!
Learn From Their Mistakes And Imitate
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From the Desk of Eric V. Van Der Hope
Sunday, August 4th, 2013 ~ 8:21 a.m. (Pacific Standard Time)
Re: Attention All Tropical Saltwater & Reef Keeping Enthusiasts . . . !

T o be successful in life, we find ourselves looking for someone who has in fact 'done it before' and has proven from a 'track record' of consistent success. We then try to copy or emulate that of the person we are trying to learn from. There simply is no point in re-inventing the wheel, right? So what the heck does this have to do with saltwater fish and reef keeping . . . ? Ah ha . . . J If you take a moment to read on - you'll find out how instrumental this comment will be!

I assume that you love our hobby, that of keeping tropical saltwater fish, maintaining a reef or you've simply seen these awesome displays when you entered a doctor's office, a restaurant, seen public aquariums, been awe-struck at seeing your friends tanks or you've been to a tropical paradise such as Hawaii, Fiji or Australia and you wanted to have your own 'piece' of that ocean environment'!

If this describes you . . . Keep Reading and 'Discover' the Good News!

 "Right NOW is YOUR opportunity to see for yourself how 14 knowledgeable and dedicated Reef Keeping 'Masters' reveal their 'Secrets' to achieve 'Maximum Reef Keeping SUCCESS' . . . without all the headaches from misinformation received from 'friends' or 'experts' or through many, many hours researching the internet trying to find the answers or from certain 'LFS' owners that are more interested in taking YOUR money rather than giving you good advice!"

Introducing Eric V. Van Der Hope's book:

Just a few weeks ago I thoroughly interrogated 14 'professional' reef keeping hobbyists in just about every area of this awesome hobby!
These individuals have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they are responsible, professional and successful at maintaining saltwater/reef systems. Most of these fine individuals have developed their experience through 'trial' and 'error' within this 'hobby' and there are no better individuals who can give advice such as them. They've been through the 'trenches' and this experience is what this book's foundation is based on! As a result of many thought provoking questions, the contributor's were able to convey many exciting and revealing answers!

Each interview is supported with 'prized' images of each of the interviewee's 'display tanks' while each of them recognize that no person would benefit from this book if they gave some quick, hashed together answer - so we are rewarded with detailed and revealing information that will help any person involved in this hobby an exciting and successful one!

It's took painstakingly repeated efforts to get these wonderful people to 'spill their guts' and put it all on line! They have a wonderful passion for this hobby and their answers to my questions prove this!

"It would take months to compile this level of detail from other books or online resources (if it were even available), . . ."

"Hello Eric,

Reef Keeping Basics is a practical, unique, and timeless addition to any reef keeper's bookshelf. The book covers 14 different styles of reef keeping, from the perspectives of 14 very successful reef keepers.

It's really like having 14 close friends tell all their secrets of success, in that these stories and questionnaires communicate all their strategies for success, challenges, things they wish they had known when they started, and more.

It would take months to compile this level of detail from other books or online resources (if it were even available), and Eric has creatively packaged this expertise in a easy to read, information packed volume!

I thoroughly recommend it for any reef keeper that wants to expand their knowledge in the hobby!"

Kris Duggan (Online Coral Trading Community)

There simply is no other book like it on any bookshelf - anywhere! It's unique style lets the reader, that's YOU, decide what advice will best fit your individual needs.

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Reef Keeping Basics
An Insider's Guide to Practical Reef Keeping For Both
Beginners and Experts Alike!

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In this beefy 'packed-to-the-brim' 700+ page manual, you'll:

Discover what the most important aspect to consider is before beginning even the thought of maintaining your very own mini-reef environment!
Learn 10 critically important important steps to help guarantee your chances of establishing a successful tank.

Discover how important is it to prepare a budget prior to your decision making and even before you contemplate buying your first piece of reef related products.

Discover what challenges you will be up against prior to starting a hobby in reef keeping!

Impress your friends when you discover and implement the needed changes from a mediocure looking reef setup to an awesome and breathtaking setup?

There are several types of marine setups to choose from - learn which ones would be best for you depending on your situation.

Learn what to look for before contemplating your specific purchases when deciding to buy your tank such as the choice of tanks in shape, size, construction, ease of maintenance, stocking levels, lighting, cost etc.

Find out the obvious places to display your reef tank within your home or office and the reasons for it and the areas that should be avoided at all cost and why.

Learn what type of water you should use - this can be ultimately your most important decision you make to help guarantee the success of your mini-ocean environment!

Learn what the most important types of testing are required at setup, how often it should be done, and what the parameters should be.

There are several types of lighting arrangements you must choose from. You'll learn what they are but also discover the advantages and disadvantages of using them.

Discover how important the decision is on the type of lighting you choose which could directly link to the survival of your reef environment.

Learn how important a refugium is (usually in a sump below the tank) which has fast become one of the most useful filtration methods used by hobbyists around the world.

And that’s just a small part of what you'll learn when YOU get your own copy of "Reef Keeping Basics - Successful Reef Management"!

". . . compiling the information leading to the success of these 14 different hobbyists into a book is a fantastic idea! The interviews with these hobbyists was well thought out, leading to valuable, practical information covering everything . . . The investment in this book is worth ever penny!"

"Hi Eric,

Scientists don't usually bother studying how to keep a species alive in captivity till it nears extinc-tion. As such, much of the known information about reef aquariums has been learned thru trial and error of reef keeping hobbyists.

That said . . . compiling the information leading to the success of these 14 different hobbyists into a book is a fantastic idea! The interviews with these hobbyists was well thought out, leading to valuable, practical information covering everything from what they would do different from the start to everything that was done, resulting in the beautiful thriving tanks pictured in this book.

My family and friends tell me that I seem to be successful when attempting ventures in which I had no prior experience. I credit that to researching my topic and learning everything I can from the success and/or mistakes of others prior to jumping into un-explored territory. This book will assist you in doing the same, learning what has or hasn't worked for these experienced reef hobbyists will save you time and money.

Whether you are considering entering the reef aquarium hobby or have already embarked on your reef keeping venture you will find this book essential to your collection. The investment in this book is worth ever penny!"

Brad Leyten
Think Reef

This hobby can be very disastrous if not taken seriously and can break your pocket book if you do not get the right advice!

If you wish to be successful at doing something - imitate someone who is doing it successfully!

Learning from these folks could absolutely increase your chances of success within this hobby hundreds of times over . . . but only if you follow the advice!

This book is for everybody - especially for 'newbies'. There is no better way to learn from individuals who have been through it all before. No point making the same mistake someone else made if you know about it ahead of time!

But Don't Take My Word For It, Here's What
Customers From All Over The World Are Saying
Reef Keeping Basics . . .


"My fish tank is doing incredibly well after I followed some of the tips in your book . . ."

"Hello Eric,

A wonderful, wonderful book! I couldn't help but quickly browse through through it before starting with the first page. After I started reading, I realized it was exactly the type of information I needed to be successful in this hobby.

My fish tank is doing incredibly well after I followed some of the tips in your book . . .

I'm really impressed how extensive your book, 'Reef Keeping Basics' is. The information contained within is overwhelming and the images are gorgeous!

Your idea to pull together a group of successful hobbyists is excellent. There is no better way to learn - than doing it from those who 'walk the

It's simply impressive!

Thank you so much for this wonderful book!"

Timothy R. Hutton

Culver City, California

This book is compiled into an enormous volume, totaling over 700+ pages of solid real-world advice, including 345+ images from 'hands on' experienced 'reefers' enjoying and reaping the benefits of successful reef keeping! "Reef Keeping Basics - Successful Reef Management", is quite possibly the most comprehensive reef management book created for hobbyists - by hobbyists!

". . . filled with an abundance of information, tips and guidelines that will help the novice saltwater aquarists as well as the more experienced reef keeper to create beautiful and long lasting reef setups."

"Hello Eric,

Don’t be fooled by the name ‘Reef Keeping Basics’, it is not only beginners that will find this book highly useful!

Reef Keeping Basics is filled with an abundance of information, tips and guidelines that will help the novice saltwater aquarists as well as the more ex-perienced reef keeper to create beautiful and long lasting reef setups.

Eric has chosen to interview no less than 14 different successful reef keeping aquarists about their marine endeavours, which makes this book a great no-nonsense compilation of the real world of reef keeping.

The information and terminology in this book is
easy to understand even for the less experienced aquarist and is accompanied by beautiful pictures that high-lights the various aspects of reef keeping.

I can truly recommend this book to all current and prospecting reef keepers that want to own a reef keeping book that is brimming with practical information, inspiration and ideas."

William Berg

AC Tropical Fish

Check out the 'line-up' of experienced 'reefers' I've managed to gather together for you . . . !

(Just in case you're not sure about taking advice from people you may not know - here is hard evidence of their 'show tanks' which provides overwhelming proof of their success!).


  #1. Adrian Nichols ~ Adrian's Coral Reef


Adrian is 26 year old college graduate from Louisiana State University with a degree in fine art with a concentration in photography. His website reflects how he has been able to capture the imagination through his photography! A must look! (Visit his website above) His experience with reef keeping includes keeping reef tanks for the past 7 years, including working in a LFS that specialized in reef aquariums, setting up and maintains a coral farm from which he sells his own propagated coral fragments and is a moderator on a couple of reef forums. Adrian successfully opened his own shop which specializes in propagated corals and reef keeping equipment. Adrian is also the co-founder of the Louisiana Reef Club,, which will be celebrating its 3 year anniversary in October of 2005. It currently has 165 contributing members.


© Copyright 2006 Adrian Nichols



  #2. Alicia Honn ~ Slojmn's Reef

Alicia began her journey into the reef world 13 years ago after visiting a local pet shop that had fish for sale. The beauty of the saltwater fish is what got her attention. Alicia dedicates much of her time as a professional teacher. She is a founding member of a school for high functioning Autistic kids, kids with Aspergers Syndrome and other kids with neurodevelopmental disorders. Her dedication to her professional job reflects her same attitude in her hobby of reef keeping. Alicia's interest in this fascinating hobby really became serious when she designed and purchased equipment for her 120g reef. She credits her success and knowledge from many hobbyists who have shared their advice and knowledge from their experiences.

© Copyright 2006 Alicia Honn




  #3. Carole Jurrens ~ Reef Keeping Basics Forum (RKB's Advisor)


Carole has spent most of her life in Sunny Florida, where she finds lots of fun things to do. She has always had a great love of animals and as a result could easily be the next 'Mrs. Doolittle'. She currently works at a small reef shop specializing in saltwater fish, corals and invertebrate. She finds it to be a very rewarding job! She has kept fish of all types for as long as she can remember. Her childhood memories go back to living near a stream where she enjoyed the fascinating colors, patterns, shapes and sizes of the fish she loved. Carole currently maintains a 75g tank with plans of upgrading to a 180g!

© Copyright 2006 Carole Jurrens


  #4. Dave Playfair ~ Mistress Reef


Dave has always been interested in the ocean and spent many childhood summer vacations snorkeling through the muck at low tide in Cape Cod bay! His other interests includes Scuba diving, hang gliding, and radio control helicopters. As a kid he first was 'introduced' into this hobby after winning a goldfish at a carnival. The fascination of this little orange fish grew and after awhile he upgraded to more fish and larger tanks. He went from maintaining freshwater fish to the more 'expensive' yet strikingly beautiful saltwater fish, having as many as 4 tanks at one time. After a while, he couldn't help but 'give in' to the reef indulgence! Dave currently maintains a 120g reef system.

© Copyright 2006 Dave Playfair



  #5. Joe Burger ~ Cnidarian Reef (a.k.a. JB NY - ReefCentral)


Joe had kept freshwater fish from the 3rd grade up his college years. Through middle school and high school he was even breeding various fresh water fish and selling them to my LFS (Local Fish Stores). Joe's interest in keeping saltwater fish increased during and after attending college. He explained that due to the initial expense and the instability of apartment living it made it harder to actually have a dedicated system. After purchasing a home and a considerable amount of research, he decided to maintain corals rather than fish. He currently maintains a 180g reef containing hard corals, what we in this hobby call SPS corals.

© Copyright 2006 Joe Burger



  #6. John Susbilla ~ Exotic Reefs (a.k.a. "tubs" - ReefCentral)


John is "a self-confessed sps-aholic and will work for frags!" Apart from that he works in the telecom industry. John is very much involved in the coral 'trade' where he supplies wonderful frags from dedicated frag growers! If you haven't seen his website - you should! John's experience with saltwater/reef started way back in 1987! He finds that these wonderful fish and 'animals' are truly fascinating! He finds this hobby to be captivating and that being able to have 'a piece of natural wonder' is truly an experience that he finds rewarding! John currently maintains a 360g mixed reef with SPS coral.

© Copyright 2006 John Susbilla



  #7. Karen Powell ~ Reef Keeping Basics Forum (Regular Contributor)


Karen is in college earning her Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. Her plans are to enter into the career of law enforcement. She plays the guitar loves to draw, has a love for animals, including cats, dogs, horses and of course, FISH! Karen has been keeping fish for 15 years or so but only started in the saltwater hobby 3 years ago. Like most people, she started out with goldfish and bettas in those little bowls that had to be cleaned every other day! Karen currently maintain 3 saltwater tanks. Two of them are fish-only with live rock, and one of them reef. The 2 fish-only (FOWLRs) are 20 gallons and the reef is a 35g hexagon. Karen's Reef is her pride and joy of all her aquariums. She is currently plan- ning for a 180g reef system with a 55g sump/fuge.

© Copyright 2006 Karen Powell



  #8. Kevin Pockell ~ Kevin's Reef (a.k.a. "kevinPo" - ReefCentral)


Kevin established his own LFS in 2003, he owns and operates it with his wife and son. The store specializes in reef safe fish and sells 95% aquacultured corals. Kevin actually raises 130 types at home. Kevin's interest in fish started in the 70's, as a child, which gradually grew to keeping saltwater fish in the early to mid 80's. Kevin explains that "after nearly 20 years and several more tanks I must admit, I'm definitely hooked for life!" He doesn't believe in any 'right way' to assemble a reef system as he's been quite successful with several methods himself. Kevin currently maintains a 557g tank with a sump/fuge holding an additional 95g! He's been running it since 2001.

© Copyright 2006 Kevin Pockell



  #9. Marc Levenson ~ Melev's Reef Site (a.k.a. Melev - ReefCentral)


At age 11, keeping a 20g Long invertebrate tank and visiting a real lagoon off the island of Morea, near Tahiti, Marc became passionate about saltwater creatures early on. Twenty years later he re-entered the hobby, and found that there was a real lack of knowledge being shared for the marine hobbyist. After attending MACNA in 2003, he decided to create a website that would help others find the answers they so earnestly seeked. Sharing both the good and the bad, he documented it all in an effort to help others avoid some of the pitfalls of this hobby, and achieve successful husbandry in reef keeping. Being an active member of DFWMAS for two years, he was elected president of the club and continues to try to help others by sharing his knowledge and organizing events that provide interaction and the trading of ideas. Marc often recommends DIY projects to help save money, and has provided many webpages detailing ideas that others can emulate. His 280g mixed reef continues to be a work in progress, with some livestock approaching 8 yrs of age.


© Copyright 2006 Marc Levenson



  #10. Marie Dempsey ~ Marie's Reef


Marie is a 45-year-old mother of three who loves Scuba diving, traveling, computers,  photography and spending time with her family. She has been a practicing nurse anesthetist for the past eighteen years. Marie's fascination with the ocean began as a child and lead to her diving and ultimately bringing the beautiful environment within her home through this hobby. After starting the hobby with a 6g nano, she soon upgraded to a larger tank. She finds that her tank offers her a real peace that cannot be duplicated anywhere - except of course when she goes diving! She has gained most of her experience asking questions from other dedicated experienced 'reefers' through local and online reef organizations. Marie currently maintains a 160g reef.


© Copyright 2006 Marie Dempsey



  #11. Melody Surber ~ Reef Keeping Basics Forum (RKB's Advisor)


Melody is from central Mississippi. She is a homemaker, Gardener and also helps run the family owned business "Ma Surbers Mixes and Seasoning," that her mother in law developed 15 years ago. And recently she created a website that promotes this business. She also enjoys, photography, swimming, volleyball, water skiing, excursion on 4 wheelers with family and friends. Melody's parents and grandparents always kept guppies at home as she was growing up, so her passion for fish keeping began at an early age. When she first saw a saltwater tank at her orthodontist "it was love at first site"! Melody currently maintains a 75 g reef only tank with plans to upgrade to a 180 gallon within the year.

© Copyright 2006 Melody Surber



  #12. Rich Durso ~ Richard Durso's 180g Reef (a.k.a. "original-reefland" - ReefCentral)


Richard has been keeping marine aquariums for over 10 years, specifically reef aquariums since 1997. He has published several articles for widely read on-line reef magazines such as Advanced Aquarist and Richard is credited with the invention of the "Durso Standpipe", a device used to silence the overflows chambers used in fish tanks. It has proven most popular and is widely recognized throughout the world in the reef related hobby. His reef system is designed to be a SPS and clam dominated display. Richard currently maintains a very impressive 180g reef system which was the featured in September 2002 issue of Advanced Aquarist.

© Copyright 2006 Richard Durso



  #13. Russell Mountain ~ Reef Keeping Basics Forum (RKB's Moderator)


Russell has been a service technician for 33 years with Bellsouth and resides in Clover, South Carolina. His '1st' hobby is that of his "Ridin',Butt Kickin" harley, a 1990 Dresser! The other hobby that keeps him busy is fish. He has kept freshwater systems off and on for 30 years and didn't get into saltwater until a 2003. He started with a 30g saltwater fish-only and later progressed to a 90g setup. Russell found that some of his fish didn't 'get along' well with other tank-mates and soon purchased himself a 46g. Russell was one of the founding members of RKB's Forum (formerly known as SWFP's Forum) and was instrumental in it's growth. Russell currently maintains a 46g mixed fish/invert bowfront and a 90g all glass reef system.

© Copyright 2006 Russell Mountain



  #14. Tara Izzo ~ Reef Keeping Basics Forum (RKB's Advisor)


Tara is from Charlotte North Carolina and is married with three lovely children. She is a "stay at home mom". In the past she's had every tomboy job that one can imagine from being a construction crew chief to an Army Communications Specialist while she served in the Armed Forces. Her daily activities includes church, her family and of course her fish! Tara became interested in Saltwater fish after her 'tour' in Hawaii. While there she snorkeled daily among the beautiful reefs. Obviously, she got hooked to the fascinating, colorful fish of the sea. Tara currently maintain a 90g large polyp and small polyp stony system.

© Copyright 2006 Tara Izzo



"You are told exactly what you need so that you aren't spending money on things you don't need and are able to start out with minimal expense."

"Hi Eric,

I downloaded your book and read a lot of it. You know what is going to happen? I'm going to get hooked on reef keeping. I have always been strictly freshwater but I think that is going to change. I must say, I am impressed! The instructions are so clear and the pictures alone (with their vibrant colors) are enough to persuade me to put together my own tank. You are told exactly what you need so that you aren't spending money on things you don't need and are able to start out with minimal expense. This book is so good that I have added a link to it on my HOME PAGE! It just didn't seem to fit on the "Links" page. Please check it out and let me know what you think."

Freda Ludwig
Your Aquarium Center

So, what else will you discover when you read this 'jamb-packed' book on how to successfully manage a reef environment?

In the 'Other Important Accessories' section - you'll learn about 7 additional accessories essential for proper care and survival of your tank inhabitants!
In the 'Feeding Fish, Corals, Anemones & other tank-mates' section, you'll learn different types of food that can be very beneficial for your tank-inhabitants, methods that can be used to limit other fish or filtration methods from taking the food first!
In the 'Preventative Maintenance' section, you'll learn how algae is by far one of the most common problems in the fish tank. There are several preventative measures that can substantially slow down the growth of algae and you will learn some of the ways in which to successfully control this problem.
Many hobbyists tend to 'put this off' resulting in disastrous results to tank conditions and that is Water Changes! In the 'Water Maintenance' section you'll learn about the importance of water changes and how it can prevent problems from developing.
You'll learn that there are specific 'signs' to look for before choosing a healthy fish, coral or invert before the purchase is made.
You'll get a revealing look at some of the most common mistakes hobbyists make that result in disastrous results. This is your opportunity to make sure you don't do the same.

In the 'Revealing Tips From Our Contributing Reef Enthusiasts' section you'll discover 2 of the best kept secrets to successful reef management.
Learn what you can be doing for the next 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, and 1 year to reach your goal of maintaining and enjoying your very own mini-reef environment?
 . . . and so much more!!

But here's the best part . . . If you're practicing some of the advice and tips right now and producing good results with your tank, you can super-charge those techniques by adding the additional methods you'll learn from this book! It's just like giving an adrenaline shot to your tank resulting in even better results . . . W-o-w! Imagine!!

". . . sort of like a "tank of the month" compilation but in an organized format that makes comparisons easy."


Reef Keeping Basics shows us that there is no single way to success. This unique e-Book presents the reef keeping methods of different people - sort of like a "tank of the month" compilation but in an organized format that makes comparisons easy. One learns through the experiences of others, and see the great results in detail. It's a great way to learn!"

Ken Uy
Ken's Reef (Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles County

You won't have to if you decide to purchase this revealing book! So what are you waiting for?

"Reef Keeping Basics - Successful Reef Management" is the result of 18 months of hard, gritty work made up of 14 dedicated individuals with simple experience of 2 - 3 years to to over 18+ years of extensive experience in the saltwater/reef keeping hobby with a combined total of 110+ years between them! It's not just important to learn from these experienced individuals but also from those who have proven their success at what they do!

"Those with little experience or those with tons of experience will love this book!"

"Hi Eric,

I'm pretty new to this hobby . . . and have been very confused at exactly where to start and what kind of advice to follow . . .

However, after purchasing this book I was totally blown away!

There is an incredible amount of information provided within Eric's book and I was totally 'floored' after viewing the awesome images! The individuals that have been interviewed are just normal people with normal jobs, their experience speaks for itself - just look at their tanks!

Those with little experience or those with tons of experience will love this book!

After reading this book I'm sure I will not be making the same mistakes as others have made before me. I now know what to expect and this almost guarantees my chances of success!

You've managed to pull together a fantastic group of 'reefers'! Thank you so much Eric for an excellent book!

Annabelle E. Johnson
Everett, Washington

"Ok I'm Sold . . . ! How Much Will This Incredible
Resource Cost Me?"

Frankly, I thought long and hard about delivering this unique book as part of a high-priced product package in DVD format where I charged an enormous amount due to the truly valuable content and the individuals who've participated. But instead of going to all the trouble of arranging for a DVD duplicator and a dropshipper - I've settled on digital delivery as a perfect and convenient way to deliver this information to you.

I also could have easily priced this book much higher and decided to sell each interview separately. Each contributor's contribution would have been based individually on their experience as well as content.

But I wanted
you and everyone else whose really serious about learning how to successfully manage this wonderful hobby, the chance of purchasing this book without 'breaking' your checkbook! So I've decided to deeply discount the price of my book. When the time comes, the printed version of this enormous volume, totaling over 700+ pages of solid real-world advice, including 345+ images would easily go for more!     

That's why "Reef Keeping Basics - Successful Reef Management", can be purchased for the cost of $77.97!

My Iron Clad, You Can't Lose, Risk Free, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I'm entirely confident you will be pleased, so pay attention to this part. . .

Purchase "Reef Keeping Basics - Successful Reef Management" and TRY IT OUT. If you aren't thrilled with the tremendous content anytime within the first 2 months, I'm going to give you 100% of your money back.

You can take a full 60 days to examine my book. And, if, you aren't satisfied in any way, simply write me a quick note and I'll send you a full and courteous refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.

That's my promise to you. I don't think I can be more fair than that! You don't risk a single dime in trying it and proving it to yourself. Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

Having said all of that, I'm confident that you'll be absolutely thrilled by what is in store for you as you begin reading this book and as a result put into action some of the information, advice and tips that you will not ask me for a refund.


How Much Is Your Success With This Fascinating Hobby
Worth To You . . . ?

Potentially, this massive 700+ page book would be worth tens, possibly hundreds to you. Even if I priced just one revealing, down-to-earth - real hands-on, truly awe-inspiring 'eye-candy' filled interview at a VERY VERY low $77.97, your investment for this book would be at the very least, $531.58 for all 14 of them! And this is JUST being VERY conservative considering the information that's provided and the individuals who are giving it!

But, this price tag is incongruent with my personal mission statement, which is to help create as many Reef Keeping Hobbyist Success Stories as possible through my work, and as such I do not want price to be a hindrance to anyone who has a sincere desire to succeed and to impress all their friends and relatives!

So here’s how I'm intending to ethically “bribe” you . . . I'm going to provide you with
3 very valuable bonuses you couldn't possibly turn down:

Access to an expanding & extensive database of resources. ($197 Value)

You will get access to an expanding, extensive yet diverse database of valuable resources that you can personally use for your research ($197 Value), a necessity in the reef keeping hobby! Regular updates will be made available. You will have available at your fingertips online and offline resources, which will include newsletters, magazines, books, periodicals, etc. You'll no longer have to spend hours and hours of your own valuable time looking for important information when it'll all be supplied for you!

A Full Year’s worth Of Unlimited Email consulting. ($297 Value)

You’ll be able to tap into my most valuable asset – my time. Yes, you’ll get One Year's worth of Email Consulting with me. (I’ll give you a special email address to reach me anytime). Feel free to ask me the burning questions you have when you’re struggling at maintaining that perfect balance. I’ll allow you to tap into my network and use me and my personal contacts to help you achieve success in this addicting yet fascinating hobby!

Due to the high volume of email that I receive, please allow at least 24-72 hours for me to respond to you! The value of this is at least $297, if I were to charge you for it. Never feel at a loss again!

This bonus gift will go once I'm unable to handle the volume of email I'm receiving. The only way you can guarantee this bonus is by taking action now! If you come back in a few days and this bonus missing, then I am sorry, as I reached my quota, which will could be really soon!

Lifetime Version/Edition upgrades to 'Reef Keeping Basics'. ($597 Value)

You'll receive a Lifetime Upgrade to all New Versions or New Editions of 'Reef Keeping Basics'. This is by far the most outrageous offer you'll you'll ever get from any publisher! This is made possible because of modern technology. Since this book is in an electronic format - this option is open for me to give - it's my choice to make this available any way I can for your benefit. It's my goal to make you a happy lifetime customer!

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Reef Keeping Basics
Successful Reef Management

   YES Eric! I'd like to purchase MY book Now!

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I understand that included with this purchase of 'Reef Keeping Basics', there'll be 3 additional bonuses, which will add 14 times more value to this practical and informative book!

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Important: "Reef Keeping Basics - Successful Reef Management" comes in an exe format. This means you can download it to your computer and have all this important information in a matter of minutes - you don't even have to wait for it to come in the mail!

So in conclusion, YOU are in the 'Driver's Seat' . . . it's time to impress and 'W-o-w' your friends and family by showing off your very own impressive display tank, just like the one's you've seen above!

I'm sure YOU can make it happen . . . so the question is - will you?

I'm sure you'll be pleased for choosing this book! You'll not be disappointed!

Thanks you for your time and I wish you every bit of success towards your success within this hobby.


Eric V. Van Der Hope

Eric V. Van Der Hope
Publisher | Editor | Author
Reef Keeping Basics

P.S. - Think about it. If you're not reading this book and you hold off getting it till later, then it may take you many months before you can finally get a display tank looking the way you really want! Also - you may be setting yourself up to enormous mistakes!

P.P.S. - Why spend the next weeks and months trying to figure it all out while you can see for yourself exactly how people just like you, with little or no experience, be able to maintain an exquisite and colorful display? Just imagine, you can learn everything without having to make the same embarrassing, yet disastrous mistakes as others.


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  • Windows 98 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or equivalent
  • 250MB free hard drive space
  • 56K modem or higher
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution, 16 million colors or higher
  • Any standard web server (Unix or Windows)

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